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Youth Exchange
17-24 October 2022 | Berlin, Germany

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What is this project about?

As queer young people, our history is usually not told to us by schools, mainstream media or family. And intergenerational bonds with older queer people are rare. Understanding that we as queer people have always existed and fought against norms can be empowering, and it can be an important step in becoming a self-conscious queer person and queer activist.


Some questions we want to explore during this exchange: How did queer people resist and fight against discrimination throughout history? How did we thrive? How did queer movements start? How did the AIDS crisis feel like to queer people in the 1980s? How did colonialism spread queerphobia? What is my personal history of queerness? And how is this related to queer people who are older than me?


During this 7-day youth exchange, we want to bring together 26 young queer people living in Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia and Slovakia. During the project, we will use non-formal edcuation, films, intergenerational dialogue, a city tour through Berlin and a queer-feminist perspective to reflect on the importance of history for queer youth in the present as well as on privilege and power in remembering the past.


Preparation: Before coming to the exchange, we would like you to research a bit about queer history related to your own identity, your local context and / or your personal interests within the queer community. We will give you more instructions and resources once you are accepted to the exchange.


Outcome: Guided by the facilitators, you will create videos, social media posts or other creative and communication materials to share our own views and perspectives on queer history. Interviews we create during the intergenerational dialogue session will be published on our website.

Conditions of the project

Simple Life: The project will take place in simple living conditions. The venue is a left-wing cultural center outside of the city center of Berlin. Rooms are shared between up to 8 people.

Money, money, money: Travel costs (up to a maximum amount of 275 EUR for Greece, Italy, Latvia and SLovakia), accommodation, food and program are covered through a grant by Erasmus+.


Sustainable food: The food we provide will be vegan. This is a practical decision and also a political decision because of the impact of animal agriculture on the climate and the planet. Please tell us in the application form if you have specific food needs, tolerances, diets or allgeries that you would like to communicate.


Sustainable travels: We ask you to come to this project through more sustainable means of transport rather than flying (e.g. train/bus), if somehow possible. We will give you more support on how you can reach the venue once you are accepted to the project.

Who can participate?

Be queer or questioning! This project is made by LGBTQIA+ people for LGBTQIA+ people or those who are still on discovery for their sexual or/and gender identity. With this project, we want to create a safer space for all of those of us who identify with being trans*, inter*, non-binary, lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, asexual and queer.

People with multiple discriminations prioritized. We will prioritize applications by LGBTQIA* people who also experience other forms of discrimination (e.g. racism, classism, ableism). We want to include diverse identities within the LGBTIQA+ community. We will do our best to make the project a safer space and take the individual needs of all participants into account. Unfortunately, the accommodation is not accessible by wheelchair.

Living in Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia or Slovakia and be between 18 and 30! We unfortunately cannot make exceptions due to our funding. The “group leader” from each country can also be above 30 years old.

Be able to participate in the whole period 17-24 October 2022! Due to our funding, we cannot reimburse you for your travels or other expenses if you arrive late to the project or leave early.


How can I apply?

You can find the application form here. Please fill it out by 1 September 2022.

If you have questions, please reach out to your sending organisation:

♥ Germany: Queer Matters / We are Village -

♥ Greece: Change Multipliers -

♥ Italy: Hermes Academy -

♥ Latvia: Active Rainbow -

♥ Slovakia: Saplinq -

This project is funded by the European Commission.

The European Commission’s support for the production of this publication does not constitute an endorsement of the contents, which reflect the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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