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Your donation makes our projects possible. For an appreciative and non-discriminatory community.

Every donation supports the causes, visibility and development of the LGBTIQ+ community. If you would like to support a specific project of ours, please contact us directly. Donations to Queer Matters e.V. are tax deductible.

As a non-profit organization, we are dependent on donations, as we often have to contribute a proportion of our own funds in order to receive grants from the public sector. Donations therefore give us the chance to apply for more public grants. 

We will gladly send you a donation receipt. The commitment is particularly sustainable with a donation standing order.


IBAN: DE22430609671216775600




For donations with  your credit card, please follow this link 
or scan the code



If you order through Amazon, please use Amazon Smile,  we will get a small percentage as a non-profit if you are choosing us.


Donation receipt

Queer Matters e.V. is registered at the district court of Berlin under VR 36066 B.
For a donation confirmation for tax deductibility please fill out the following form. For suggestions or questions please send an e-mail to

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